About Us


This program was founded in 2006 by Hispanic Women in Trinidad & Tobago to address the needs of desperate families with sick children that knock on our doors seeking help. In response, our Organization was formed to assist sick children from Trinidad & Tobago to access surgeries and or medical treatment, locally or abroad, to return health and quality life to sick children and their families.

From the beginning, the Foundation has pursued the following strategy to ensure the success of our efforts. First, we looked for Hospitals able to work with a Foundation such as ours. We identified IKF’s Wonderfund, which is a Children’s Program of the Jackson Memorial Foundation in Miami, whose purpose is to facilitate and assist sick children from around the world to access the medical services offered at Holtz Children’s Hospital of the Jackson Memorial Medical Centre. Up to date this relationship has given the best possible results “the healthy return of our children”
Hope of a Miracle Foundation was launched in March 2006. Since then, the Foundation has benefitted from its experience working with sick children, gaining in knowledge and experience to continually improve our procedures.

Hope of a Miracle Foundation is proud of its accomplishments to date in assisting sick children in need and their families with the hope of recovering their health and making dreams into reality by giving a chance at a renewed life. Proof of our success is the more than 65 surgeries and medical treatments that have been performed, the positive testimonies and recommendations that have been received, and the many requests that keep coming to the Foundation.

Hope of a Miracle Foundation is the only Charity Program that offers an integrated service that ensures each sick child will get medical help at the right time. We acknowledge that this is a very expensive undertaking, considering the many cases that cannot be dealt with locally. Consequently, the Foundation raises funds from our different activities, and more importantly, from Companies and Institutions that support our endeavors, as well as public donations.